Michael grew up in the Garden State, which is the nicer way of saying he grew up in New Jersey. This is where he first developed a passion for gardening, inherited from his father, which then went dormant until he moved to Los Angeles five years ago.  


Prior to moving to LA, Michael lived in New York where space for an edible garden was only a dream, and the idea of gardening as a career, seemed outlandish. Little did he know that when he designed his first edible garden on the side of his house on the driveway, it would lead to becoming a certified organic gardener who now designs and maintains edible gardens for clients around LA. 


People often think that a vegetable garden needs a lot of space and that it might not pleasing to the eye. Good news: that isn't true. People seek Michael's help as he focuses on making his edible gardens chic and accessible focal points of their homes, which he designs with aesthetic and setting in mind.


At first, many people don’t understand the complexity of a garden, but Michael is able to break it down in a way that is practical and manageable. In order to ensure that a garden is successful, you need rich soil, proper sunlight and adequate pollinators. He thinks of it as designing a tiny ecosystem that must be balanced at all times to be a success.  Each plant’s care requirements vary, and there are unwanted pests that will pop up whether we think so or not, so he provides his clients with the working knowledge to be confident with their capabilities.  And for those clients who don’t want to think about how to care for it and do the work, he provides year-round edible garden maintenance services.